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Do you create new websites?
I am able to create a new website from the floor up.

How can you offer a new website for a low cost?
By the use of a good website template which can be adapted to your own requirements

Which template company do you use?
For more than 15 years I have used All Web Co Templates you can use this link to browse the templates on offer.

Do you have any examples of websites where you have created original content?
You can browse the sites displayed on my Portfolio Page to assess my most recent work.

I have bought a Microsoft 365 Service can you help?
Since 2007 I have worked with Microsoft Cloud Services, I can assist with your service setup, SharePoint site and the correct configuration of Teams.

Can you configure a Microsoft 365 service with a number of users?
Yes, I can provide advice and assistance to aid you in making the right decisions on how to move your company I.T. assets into the cloud.

Once configuration is complete, I can enforce the security of your company data using the latest encryption techniques, whilst allowing structured access to your data by authorised users.

Is staff training available?
I offer both on-site and on-line training for all users ensuring the full and effective adoption of the new services you have purchased.