Brent Davenport offers a range of professional services aimed at guaranteeing that your website works hard for you by ensuring it makes a good first impression and reflects your company´s unique and valuable reputation.


  • Website design

  • Content creation, and editing, of existing websites

  • Bespoke Microsoft Services configured to ensure your SharePoint Site and Microsoft Teams accounts are managed to provide your company with the best services

  • Configuration of Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid systems specific to your company

  • Creation of professional brochures, pdf documents, handbooks etc for products

  • Bespoke contracts to ensure the information on your website is current and up to date
  • Production of high-end technical data

  • Offer support options to ensure the security of your company data by using the latest encryption techniques and data storage facilities

  • Database Creation and Management

  • Security, Encryption and authorisation of sensitive company data

  • Online facilities for staff training

  • Provision of GDPR assessments and advice how to achieve and maintain company compliance


My Track Record

Client satisfaction has always been my primary goal. Listening to my clients has improved loyalty and created a larger client base with increased activity. Reducing service failures, lowering operating costs and enhancing employee performance ensures I always exceed my clients´ expectations.